Estonia Piano

It's very very unusual to get any used Estonia pianos and recently we have received 3!


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The smallest model of Estonia is a 168 which is 5'7".  This is an incredible instrument that was treated with loving care.  When it came in we had to do very little to completely prepare it for sale.  This is an incredible value for a piano in such demand.

The next model of Estonia Piano is a model 190 which is 6'3". I now have two used ones in stock. The first one is from the year 2004 and the second one is a 2006. These are both incredible models at a great buy.

You should compare these piano when you are considering a new piano or a used piano.  As I already said that it is very unusual to have three used Estonias in stock at the same time.

If you are looking for a fine European Piano then you cant get any better that this.

Drop by our showroom at 843 Gilman St in Berkeley and take a look for yourself.