Finding The Perfect Piano Bench

Finding the Perfect Piano Bench

Finding the ideal piano bench can be difficult due to the abundance of options available. When looking for one, it is important to consider a few factors. 

The importance you assign to each factor will depend on your personal preferences. Who is the intended recipient of the piano bench?  Answering this question is likely the most crucial task. Individuals have different requirements and preferences.

If You Are Purchasing For Someone Else

For parents purchasing a bench for their child, it is advisable to choose an adjustable bench, either modern or traditional. Since children rapidly grow, having adjustability eliminates the need for buying new benches frequently.

Properly adjusting the bench's height is also a vital aspect of technique development. Additionally, comfortable children will have more motivation to practice! 

Parents or teachers may find wider duet benches more suitable, as they allow for playing alongside their child or student.

No matter who you are, the most important thing is to prioritize comfort. Some benches are made with a hard surface and lack cushioning. While these benches may be cheaper, they can quickly become uncomfortable. Keep in mind that your goal is to increase your motivation to play the piano, not decrease it.

Therefore, it is worth investing in a comfortable seating option.


The prices of piano benches can vary greatly. We have decided to handle only hydraulic and pneumatic benches.  They admittedly are more expensive but well worth it in the end.


Some people lean forward, others are more comfortable leaning back a little. Still there are others that sit straight up. Your arms and fingers need to be comfortable moving back and forth and depending on your level of playing you will find that sitting on a comfortable seat will actually affect your constant moving. Having a prop or armrests is a no-no.  

Finding a piano bench may slip your mind easily, but it's the easiest part to overlook. After all, the piano usually comes with its own bench that you could simply use.

Hydraulic Or Pneumatic Adjustable Piano Benches

Investing in a hydraulic or pneumatic adjustable bench can truly make a difference when it comes to sitting at the piano for long practice sessions.
It's important to recognize that everyone is unique in their approach to playing the piano. Having a comfortable seat is essential for maximizing practice or performance time.

Hydraulic Pneumatic Adjustable Piano Bench

Observing different pianists, you'll notice that each person has a distinct technique. Some players prefer leaning forward, while others find comfort in leaning back slightly. Then there are those who prefer sitting up straight. It's crucial for your arms and fingers to have the freedom to move comfortably. Depending on your skill level, you'll discover that sitting on a comfortable seat can greatly impact your ability to move fluidly.

However, it's important to remember not to rely on any extra support or armrests while playing. 


To achieve expressive, dynamic playing across both high and low registers, it is essential to sit on a seat that lacks armrests. This will afford your upper body the necessary flexibility to navigate and play the highest and lowest notes.  Having proper posture is crucial. And the sooner you establish those positive habits, the better.

Great Adjustable Pnuematic Hydraulic Piano Bench

Additionally, adopting good posture habits also enhances technique. Playing faster and achieving good articulation are possible when wrists are not sagging and hands can effortlessly reach the keyboard.
Here are some important points to remember about piano posture:

  1. Ensure that your feet are flat on the floor.
  2. Relax your shoulders and upper arms.
  3. Keep your arms parallel to the floor.
  4. Raise your wrists slightly, avoiding drooping.
  5. Maintain a straight back and avoid hunching (engage your core!).
  6. Ensure that everything, including the keyboard, pedals, and sheet music, are within easy reach.

Keep these factors in mind as you try out different piano benches to discover the one that suits you perfectly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having proper seating can greatly enhance your playing ability.
  • The more comfortable you are, the more you will practice; and the more you practice, the faster you will progress in your playing.
  • A well-designed bench allows for easy movement.
  • An appropriate bench height promotes good posture habits, which in turn leads to better technique.  When looking to purchase piano benches, you will come across a wide range of options and prices.

Although there are no official classifications for piano benches, we have grouped them into two categories based on their design and purpose: traditional and modern benches.  

One of the initial decisions you should make is whether to purchase a bench with a traditional or contemporary design. Most benches fall into one of these categories, and each style has its own strengths and weaknesses.
A traditional bench will undoubtedly complement an acoustic piano in terms of appearance. Additionally, they are durable and comfortable (many have leather or faux-leather tops) and often have storage space. 

  • - Classic design that pairs perfectly with acoustic pianos
  • - Adjustable option may be available
  • - Possible inclusion of storage space
  • - Comfortable, made with premium materials like wood and leather tops

Why Hydraulic and Pneumatic Adjustable Piano Benches

We handle hydraulic and pneumatic benches because they tend to feel more comfortable and relaxing when you are seated. When it comes to adjustable benches, they offer several advantages.

Many pianists do not have average height or weight, so being able to adjust the bench to a comfortable height can greatly impact their playing experience, especially for those who are taller or shorter. 

Adjustable Piano Benches

Adjustable benches are a great option for families who have multiple individuals of varying sizes who take turns playing the piano. One drawback of these benches is that they do not always have storage space.

Advantages of Adjustable Benches:

  • - Encourages and promotes good posture
  • - Perfect for households with multiple musicians and growing children
  • - Adjustability offers increased comfort

Disadvantages of Adjustable Benches:

  • - May not have storage compartments
  • - Typically pricier, especially for traditional designs
  • - Can be bulkier and less portable.

However, it should be noted that benches with storage tend to be more expensive and are not as commonly found in modern designs. Additionally, if you already have a bookshelf to store your belongings, you may not necessarily require this feature.

Certain piano seats are designed for one person to sit on, while others are designed for two people. These are referred to as "duet seats" and are slightly longer.

Duet Piano Benches

Duet Hydraulic Pneumatic Adjustable Piano Bench

Duet seats can be perfect for parents and children who want to play together or for students who want to play duets with their teachers.
They also provide more space for experienced pianists who are playing energetic pieces to move around.

Advantages of Duet Seats:

- Ideal for teachers and students, parents and children, and other individuals playing duets together
- Plenty of room for players with a vigorous playing style to move around

Disadvantages of Duet Seats:

- They can take up more space
- Usually only available in traditional designs
- May not be suitable for players of different heights, although there are benches available with adjustable heights for this purpose

Important points to consider:

- Adjustability, storage, and traditional design will increase the cost of a piano seat.
- Traditional benches are more expensive but offer great comfort, often have storage space, and can be adjusted.
- Modern benches are more affordable, easy to store, often adjustable, but typically lack storage space.  

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