This Mason and Hamlin Piano

I have worked around Mason and Hamlin for many years and even have been their keynote speaker at their manufacturing facility in Haverhill, MA. a couple of times.  This company is still an American manufacturing facility that is turning out good quality pianos.

This particular model A came to us by a lady who lived in Palo Alto, CA and has now moved to Minnesota.  For the years she owned the piano it's obvious that the piano was well taken care of.  Serviced at least once to twice a year and came to us in tip-top condition.

The piano has been priced right to sell and is waiting for the perfect home.  

Several people have tried this piano and their reaction has always been the same. They love it.  Most of them have made the comment that they would rather have this Mason than most of the Steinway's they have played.

The sound is reminiscent of an American piano with a very full and robust sound.  The character is more like a Steinway or and R model from Baldwin U.S.A. The touch of the instrument is also very balanced and feels as if it is brand new.

This is a REAL find and a one that I know you will be very happy with for many, many years to come.