Used Upright Baldwin similar to Yamaha U3
BALDWIN | 2019 | B252 | 52" | SATIN EBONY | $8,490

BALDWIN | 2019 | B252 | 52" | SATIN EBONY | $8,490

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BALDWIN | 2019 | B252 | 52" | SATIN EBONY | $8,490

WOW - What a find.  This Baldwin B252 bearing serial number 113121 was manufactured in 2019. It is in a really pretty satin finish which is a little unusual finish making an elegant statement.

This piano was originally sold by R. Kassman in 2019 to a couple who since has been transferred to the east coast and couldn't take the piano with them.  They gave me the opportunity to have the piano back and I immediately said YES.  

In this price category, this happens to be my favorite piano. It has a very powerful bass and a beautiful sparkly treble tone.  This is a must have if you are looking for a Concert Vertical piano with a HUGE sound.