STEINWAY AND SONS  | 1916 | "D" Concert Grand Piano | Satin Ebony | $84,700

STEINWAY AND SONS | 1916 | "D" Concert Grand Piano | Satin Ebony | $84,700

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STEINWAY | 1916 | "D" Concert Grand Piano | Satin Ebony | $84,700

This 1916 Steinway D 9’ Concert Grand in the satin ebony finish (serial number 172158) was originally manufactured in 1916 in New York.

Wait until you hear this piano roar! One of the finest cabinet shops on the West Coast, Phenoyd Nunley of Classic Woods lovingly refinished this piano to its original luster. 

Our shop did the interior restoration using 100% genuine parts and here are some of the things that went into the restoration of this superb instrument: the strings were replaced using Ari Isaac strings; the soundboard is new along with the bridges and ribs from Bolduc (the supplier to Steinway); the pinblock was replaced with a Bolduc pinblock; the hammers were replaced using American Steinway hammers, and the action parts were replaced where necessary. Finally, our Master Technician completely regulated and voiced the piano to perfection. As a matter of fact, this is one of the last pianos that Mr. Kassman had a personal hand in rebuilding.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own a piece of history - this Steinway D 9’ Concert Grand is a timeless classic.

R Kassman’s Master Technician has completely voiced and regulated the piano to concert expectations and returned it to its sweet tonal expectations. The touch, both up-weight and down-weight, has been perfectly balanced making this piano a true masterpiece inside and out. This unique piano is perfect for the connoisseur of the fine arts looking for a piano that goes beyond the pedigree. 

For over 40 years R. Kassman Piano has represented the finest European Pianos on the planet. Today the philosophy of selling pianos has remained the same: Find the right piano for the customer and offer the lowest price possible for the best instrument possible.