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Dwight Hamilton Baldwin would have never dreamed in 1862 that over 150 years later his name would still grace the fallboard of one of the most prestigious names in the U.S. The heritage of Baldwin is nothing to ignore.

Baldwin piano has been a favorite by many of the leading performers for years. Its heritage on the concert halls, conservatories and performance arenas are vast. Today the company is owned by the famous guitar maker, Gibson Guitars since 2002. Gibson purchased a manufacturing facility in Guangdong Province of China and continues to build the upright pianos in that facility while the Parsons factory presently builds the grands.


Baldwin has become a favorite among teachers because it incorporates such very simple innovations as the sostenuto pedal.  The sostenuto pedal which works as a bass sustain in grands is now being used as a practice mute in uprights among practically every single company in the world.  Baldwin decided to continue to make the piano as it has been made for over 150 years by incorporating the traditional use of the sostenuto pedal (middle pedal) of the uprights to work exactly like it does in most grand pianos. Additionally, Baldwin installs a practice mute on every model of the uprights which is easily utilized.


The most incredible thing that Baldwin has done besides keeping the old traditions of piano build, the piano has remained affordable. The combination of all of the above has made Baldwin a very exciting product and a long time favorite.


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