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Estonia Pianos have a cult like following across the country.  It's amazing how devoted people are to this piano.  They are so well thought of that in some areas they even have self-made Estonia Owners Clubs.  

San Francisco Bay has been especially favorable to Estonia Pianos since first introduced by R. Kassman.  This Fine European Piano is handmade in the country of Estonia utilizing the very best materials to be used in any piano.


Estonia uses only top shelf German Renner hammers, German Renner action, Roslau strings and Strunz soundboard.  The scale design alone makes this piano extremely resonate and is used by professionals because of the touch and tone.

When you search "pianos for sale" you will notice very few used models will pop up because people generally never let go of their Estonia once they have had the opportunity to experience this FANTASTIC piano.  When you search "pianos near me" you will find R. Kassman is your exclusive dealer in the Bay Area.   

To add an even better feature about Estonia is to mention that Estonia is the most affordable 100% European, Handmade piano available on the market today. 


For over 40 years R. Kassman Piano has represented the finest European Pianos on the planet. Today the philosophy of selling pianos has remained the same: Find the right piano for the customer and offer the lowest price possible for the best instrument possible.  So if you are searching for "piano store near me", we are your choice in the Bay Area.  

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