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Since 1835 Grotrian has been a trend setter. Today, over 180 years later the name Grotrian is still at the top of the list in German pianos.  This piano will continue to be at the top of the heap because they are dedicated to the business of making the very best German piano on the market today.  

Grotrian centers on the principle of handmade piano building with the finest materials available. They employ approximately 60 employees and produce roughly 500 top notch pianos annually. 


Grotrian exports to more than 60 countries worldwide with high expectations of perfect performance regardless of the location.  They ship directly into all climate zones throughout the world with exact specifications that serve to provide the very best experience of reliability.


Grotrian's overall idea is that Growth comes from innovation and stagnation signifies a step backwards. They constantly review process and materials to be sure they are staying ahead of the trend and are on target with every aspect of their business to be sure they are living up to expectations of their customers.


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