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Ritmüller legacy dates to 1795 when Gottlieb Whilhelm Ritmuller was one of the earliest manufacturers of pianos in Germany. For several decades Ritmuller enjoyed global recognition as one of the most cutting-edge piano builders anywhere. It became a celebrated favorite among many famous 19th century composers including Johannes Brahms.


In 1999, the largest and best-selling pianos in the world, acquired the scale designs and the name and began making Ritmuller using those scale designs and hiring one of the most renowned German designers to create what is now known as one of the original and best German combination designs in the world. Pearl River, maker of the world’s best-selling pianos, acquired scale designs and the Ritmüller name in 1999. 

The goal was to assemble the very best and most affordable materials available, meet the requirements of the students, teachers and technicians and then produce the best European scale design that remains affordable.

The result was "over the top".  Not only has it remained affordable but with the combination of touch and tone, the right materials and finally, pricing, Ritmuller has become a favorite among professionals and beginners. Gottlieb Wilhelm Ritmuller would be proud of his legacy.


For over 40 years R. Kassman Piano has represented the finest European Pianos on the planet. Today the philosophy of selling pianos has remained the same: Find the right piano for the customer and offer the lowest price possible for the best instrument possible.  So if you are searching for "piano store near me", we are your choice in the Bay Area.


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