Baldwin | Hamilton 243 | 47" Upright Piano
Baldwin | Hamilton 243 | 47" Upright Piano

Baldwin | Hamilton 243 | 47" Upright Piano

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This studio piano is possibly the most sold and most requested piano models of all times.  Its features are perfect in a "workhorse" situation in an institution of any type.  It will take any abuse you can give it.  

One of the cool features about this piano is the rubber casters which allow for easy moving if you need to change it's position.  The key cover has a lock as well as the lid.  This makes it a little more secure in the event you have little ones or if its in a situation that you are concerned about its safety.

The center pedal is a sostenuto pedal exactly like you would find on any grand piano but it also features a practice rail that allows for gentle playing when needed. This is also one of the few pianos left on the market that is available in satin ebony OR satin walnut.  Additionally, if you are using multiple sheets of paper or a multi-page score, you will enjoy the long music desk.

Due to our contractual agreement with our manufacturer we are unable to print prices online.  Therefore, we request that you visit our showroom for pricing information and see the models.

  • Brass Hardware
  • German Röslau Strings
  • Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • German Designed 100% Virgin Wool Hammers
  • American Designed 19 ply Hard Rock Maple Pin Block
  • German Designed Keyboard
  • Sliding Fallboard
  • Height: 47"
  • Width: 58.5"
  • Depth: 25"
  • Weight: 540 LBS