Estonia | 274 | 9'0" Concert Grand Piano

Estonia | 274 | 9'0" Concert Grand Piano

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What can be said about the 274?  It's the complete package crafted into a 9' rim. This piano is over the top and will blow you away from the first note.  It has to be played and experienced to understand the power and grace yet delicate sound and texture. 

Due to our contractual agreement with our manufacturer we are unable to print prices online.  Therefore, we request that you visit our showroom for pricing information and see the models. 

The specifications are the same for each of these models: 

  • Brass Hardware
  • German Strings, Copper Wound Handmade by Estonia Piano Company
  • Renner Blue Hammers by Renner Germany
  • German Spruce Soundboard
  • Length: 9'
  • Height: 40″
  • Width: 62″
  • Weight: 1213 LBS