Grotrian | G-208 | Charis 6'10" Grand Piano

Grotrian | G-208 | Charis 6'10" Grand Piano

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The Charis 6'10" Grand Piano is considered by many to be the epitome of 7 foot pianos when it comes to size, tone, touch and character.  This piano is one of the very best 7 foot pianos on the market.  The reason is the exceptional design.  The combination of materials in the overall scale design makes this piano head and shoulders above the rest. There is zero compromise in this model when it comes to making it the leader in this category.

Due to our contractual agreement with our manufacturer we are unable to print prices online.  Therefore, we request that you visit our showroom for pricing information and see the models. 

The specifications are the same for each of these models:

  • Brass Hardware
  • German Röslau Strings
  • German Abel Hammers
  • German Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • Length: 6'10"″
  • Width: 61″
  • Height: 40″
  • Weight: 772 LBS