YAMAHA | 1987 | P116 | 44" | HIGH POLISH EBONY | $3,990
YAMAHA | 1987 | P116 | 44" | HIGH POLISH EBONY | $3,990

YAMAHA | 1987 | P116 | 44" | HIGH POLISH EBONY | $3,990

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Yamaha | 1987 | P116 | 44" | HIGH POLISH EBONY | $3,990

This used Yamaha P116 bearing the serial number 4238859 was made in 1987. It has a low profile with no front legs "continental style". Very well cared for, one local owner. This is perfect for someone looking for a smaller piano with a lower profile. Ideal for a beginning student or someone who wants to play professionally as a practice piano.


R Kassman Piano Master Technician has completely voiced and regulated the piano to concert expectations and returned it to its  expectations. The touch, both up-weight and down-weight, has been perfectly balanced making this piano a true masterpiece inside and out. 
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Ask for Ric Overton.