Grotrian | G-277 | Concert Royal 9'1" Concert Grand

Grotrian | G-277 | Concert Royal 9'1" Concert Grand

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The Grotrian Concert Grand is considered by many to be the kind of all when it comes to concert grands.  Owning this piano is to say that you have definitely arrived at the finest concert grands available.  The heritage of this piano alone is incredible.  Originally on of the first concert grands on the market and certainly the most powerful and yet the most delicate on the market, meaning from the most powerful of pieces to the quietest it will prove to deliver.

Due to our contractual agreement with our manufacturer we are unable to print prices online.  Therefore, we request that you visit our showroom for pricing information and see the models. 

The specifications are the same for each of these models:

  • Brass Hardware
  • German Röslau Strings
  • German Abel Hammers
  • German Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • Length: 9'1"″
  • Width: 62″
  • Height: 41″
  • Weight: 1213 LBS