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ESTONIA | 2004 | L -190 | 6'3" | HIGH POLISH EBONY | $34,900

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ESTONIA | 2004 | L190 | 6'3" | HIGH POLISH EBONY | $34,900

This Estonia L-190 bearing the serial number 190.6003 was handmade in Tallinn, Estonia in 2004

What A Find!!!

WHAT A FIND!!! It's very unusual to get a used Estonia of any kind, much less a 6'3".  This is such a great piano.  It was originally purchased here in the Bay Area and has been kept in great shape by a local technician since it was purchased.

Estonia Piano 

Estonia is one of the most sought-after Fine European Pianos on the market.  It's priced well and has been fully prepared by our certified technician—the feel of a brand new Estonia and the unmistakable sound that is a treat to play.  

If you are looking for an affordable Fine European Piano, you have found it.  Drop by and take a look.  You will be glad you did. 

R. Kassman is known by some as the Best Piano Store In The Bar Area.  We aim to satisfy your piano needs. Fine European Pianos since 1979